Tonia Davey

Travel Consultant
Monroe, Louisiana

Started with Simply Enchanted Travel, LLC in February 2018

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  • My Dream Disney Vacation an at least 10 night stay at the Animal Kingdom lodge, in a room with a balcony with a beautiful view of the savannah. Include a Deluxe Dining Plan, during Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival, with only the husband for this one stay.  Rope drops each morning, mid-afternoon naps and rest, then being one of the last people to walk out the park each night.

  • The Dis movie, song, or ride that always makes me cry is OR was, Wishes. It was the first nighttime show I ever saw at Disney, and truth be told, probably made me fall in love with the resort. Every time we saw the show, there I would be, singing and crying. Even now, when I listen to it in my car, I blast it as loud as possible, singing and crying.

  • If I had to ride one ride @ WDW for an entire day it would be Soarin’.  The sights and smells you encounter while gliding around the world are just so soothing.  I get lost in being a world traveler each time I ride, and while I have ridden this one at least 50 times, every adventure feels like the first time.

  • The One snack I MUST have on every trip is School Bread at the Norway Pavilion; My Fave Dis Cocktail is the Grand Marnier Slush in the France Pavilion; and, if you couldn’t tell by all of this, My Fave Park is EPCOT.

  • If I didn’t go to WDW, my next favorite destination is, Universal Parks, Orlando. I know, why not leave Orlando and go somewhere else?  I say ‘nah’. The world of Harry Potter is so immersive! While I liked the movies, one trip to the World of Harry Potter made me LOVE everything Potter and Hogwarts.  The shops, the attractions, the beauty of the landscape is so much to take in, you just have to keep going time after time. And, for those who are curious, My Hogwarts House is Hufflepuff!