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Ryan Collins

Travel Consultant
Romeo, Michigan

Started with Simply Enchanted Travel, LLC in August 2018

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My dream Disney vacation would be doing both the world and a cruise.  I love when I get to go to Disney World, tour all the parks and Disney Springs, but not ending there.  After a few days I get to enjoy a magical Disney Cruise and get pampered on the high seas. I love to cruise and I love Disney so it’s the best of both worlds!

My favorite Disney experience is when my husband and I were on our “Disneymoon” in the Magic Kingdom.  A kind cast member spotted us wearing our honeymoon pins and asked if we would like to be the grand marshals of the afternoon parade.  Of course we said yes and were truly honored at being chosen. The cast member then told us that he was going to make our day even more magical and gave us a tour of the Cinderella Suite in Cinderella’s Castle. The details in the suite were exquisite. It was a day at Disney that we will never forget.

The Disney song that always makes me cry is when Jiminy Cricket sings “When You Wish Upon a Star”.  It brings the waterworks every time for me. Of course you find it almost everywhere with Disney too.  Even at the beginning of every Disney movie when they show the castle and the star shooting across the top, yes that does it for me too.  

The reason Disney is so incredibly special to me is because of the way cast members go out of their way to make sure you have the most magical vacation ever.  When I was younger I was diagnosed with childhood cancer and because of that I had to postpone an upcoming Disney vacation.  A year and a half later I was done with chemotherapy and we got to celebrate at Disney World. My mom had written to Disney prior to our trip letting them know we were coming and what we were celebrating.  Disney cast members went out of their way to make me feel so special, from a room upgrade, a character breakfast, to a plush Mickey and Minnie waiting on my bed with cookies when we got home from the parks.  The thing is Disney does not have to do this, they choose to. That is what makes Disney special to me.

Lastly, the reason I became a travel consultant is because I love sharing my knowledge, enthusiasm, and love for Disney.  Everyone of my over 30+ times to Disney have been unique and magical! My favorite thing to hear from clients and friends is “we would have never have known about that if it were not for you.”  I study all things Disney in my spare time because that is what brings me joy. Spreading that knowledge to you is what makes me happiest. Also any opportunity to talk Disney I will gladly take!