Melanie Day bio pic.jpg

Melanie Day

Travel Consultant
Harlan, Kentucky

Started with Simply Enchanted Travel, LLC in April 2019


I decided to become a travel consultant because I wanted to help others create magical Disney memories that will last a lifetime.

The thing that excites me the most about a Disney vacation is being able to leave work and responsibilities behind to step into a world of fantasy and magic with my family. We can laugh and act silly, wear mouse ears and tiaras, skip in the rain up Main Street, dress like pirates, eat too much ice cream, stay out way past bedtime, and make dreams become reality for a week.

When I’m in the Disney parks, you will find me wearing complete Disney attire, from my Mickey ears all the way down to my shoes!

My “go to” snack at Walt Disney World is the Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Bar. Nothing beats that classic treat! The trick is finding a shady spot to eat it before it melts.

My favorite night time show is a toss up between Happily Ever After at the Magic Kingdom and Fantasmic at Hollywood Studios. I’ve seen both shows too many times to count. I’ve been known to pick the perfect spot at Magic Kingdom two hours ahead of time and make my family sit there and wait with me! I always cry when Tinker Bell flies across the sky.

If I had to ride one ride at Walt Disney World all day long, it would be It’s a Small World. Hard to believe that, right?! But it’s true! It has been my favorite ride since I was a little girl and first rode it at the age of 7. Every time that I ride it, it takes me back to my childhood and I’m suddenly riding it again with my Mom, Dad, and brother.

My favorite resort to stay in is Bay Lake Tower. To me, nothing can beat being able to walk back and forth to the Magic Kingdom from your room, or watching the fireworks from your balcony.  

My teenage son and I are Star Wars fans. One of my best Disney memories happened during Star Wars Weekends (I still miss that event). We were at Hollywood Studios and got to see Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) ride in a convertible up Hollywood Boulevard!