Marcella Newsom

Travel Consultant
Sevierville, TENNESSEE

Started with Simply Enchanted Travel, LLC in February 2018

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My Dream Disney Vacation Would be?

My Dream Disney Vacation would be a Disney Mediterranean Cruise. Combining the magic of a Disney ship with the beauty of Europe. How could you go wrong?

When I am not planning a Disney Vacation, I am?

When I am not planning a Disney vacation for someone else, I am probably planning or dreaming of my next personal trip. If I am doing neither of those things, I am likely spending time with family, volunteering, or at the gym.

My favorite hidden gem at Disney is?

One of my favorite “hidden gems” at Disney is the Harmony Barber Shop. I have an emotional attachment to it, because this is where my son got his first haircut. This is a lesser known offering in the Magic Kingdom, that makes for a great memory! Whether it’s a first haircut or you simply want bragging rights with your friends, there is something special about getting your haircut here.

The reason I became a TA?

I am a Disney fan first and foremost, I found myself frequently researching for my own trips and giving others advice for their own. Once I realized I could turn something I loved into a career opportunity, I jumped at the chance to work with Simply Enchanted Travel. They quickly became my O’hana. If you don’t know what that means we really need to talk! :)

I love planning WDW vacays for (large fams, 1st visits, adult only trips, families with children with special needs)?

I love planning all types of vacations, and ensuring my clients have a wonderful time. That’s what you’d expect a TA to say, right? It’s true, but it goes deeper! I have made it a personal goal to plan as many different types of vacations as possible. With each ‘new’ challenge I get to help a new type of client, discover offerings that best fit their traveling party. I was fortunate enough to say that I was a Disney Honeymooner! So I must admit I love helping couples plan their honeymoon, purely for the sentimental reasons.

If I didn’t go to WDW, my next favorite destination would be -

If I’m not going to Walt Disney World, my next choice would be Tokyo Disney Sea! I would love to one day say that I have personally experienced all the Disney Destinations, and this park is absolutely stunning!

Favorite memory of a Disney Vacation -

My favorite Disney memory, is seeing my nearly two year old son, on the final night of our Disney World vacation. He was great the entire trip, but that last night, He was so excited watching the “Happily Ever After” fireworks show at Magic Kingdom! I cried seeing how excited he was! He would not fall asleep that night until nearly 4am, because He was “talking” to us about what He just saw.

One snack I MUST have on every trip is-

This is an easy question! My go-to snack on any Disney World vacation is Dole Whip… and maybe a couple Chicken Curry Pockets in Epcot. They’re amazing! Have you ever had one? If we’re talking during the Food & Wine Festival, I am hoping to see the Kalua Pork Sliders on the menu at the Hawaii booth. I make these at home at least once a month! Maybe this is harder than I thought, because I have more in mind now. It’s impossible to just pick one thing. I haven’t even started my “things that are Mickey-shaped” list! If you’ll excuse me, I need to get to the gym and prepare for my next trip! ;)

Favorite Dis resort and why?

My favorite Disney resort is the Animal Kingdom Lodge. My husband and I honeymooned here in 2013 & it will always have a special place in my heart. I LOVE seeing the animals from our arusha-view balcony, especially the Giraffes. They are such graceful creatures to watch. (Side Note: I have petitioned the city where we live, to allow giraffes as pets, stay tuned for any developments!)

Favorite Dis.Pixar movie?

My favorite Disney movie is Tangled! I never thought I would spend so much time posing for pictures near a bathroom! HAHA! I need to talk with someone in Imagineering, I Got A Dream!