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Liz Flynn

Travel Consultant
New York

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Hi, my name is Liz! I live in New York and have spent many years vacationing at Disney with my family. I have a 4 yr old niece who loves Disney just as much as the rest of my family so I look forward to many more vacations to Disney in our future.

I owe my love of Disney to my grandfather. He took our entire family every Thanksgiving from the time I was about 4 yrs old. Each year, that Thanksgiving vacation was my favorite cherished memory from the entire year. I grew up a Disney kid and love being able to continue those traditions now with my niece, Molly.

My favorite park is Epcot because I enjoy being immersed in the countries as I explore the World Showcase. My favorite Disney cocktail is any type of Margarita from the Mexico Pavilion in Epcot’s World Showcase. On a super hot day it is super refreshing. The food choices at the Mexico Pavilion happen to be a family favorite of ours as well!

I vacation time after time at WDW and multiple times of year at WDW because I’ve been making memories there with family and friends since I was a child so each time I visit, I make new memories and always feel happy when I can reflect on those magical memories.

My favorite smells at WDW are the lobbies at both the Yacht Club Resort and Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. If you haven’t had the pleasure of inhaling that scent as you walk in, you MUST try it! I’ve even purchased candles with similar scents so I can fondly think of the memories once I’m home!

My favorite Disney song is There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow from the Carousel of Progress. The song inspires me to always remember that tomorrow is a new day, and that many great things lie ahead if we keep believing.

My favorite part of helping plan Disney vacations for others is the ability to get to know each individual family as the planning process goes along. I learn what each family member likes, dislikes, dreams of and how they like to vacation which is how I am able to create the perfect vacation that meets their needs and for me, there is nothing better than hearing that this vacation was the best fit for their family.