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Jessica Stewart

Travel Consultant

Alachua, Florida

Started with Simply Enchanted Travel, LLC in July 2016

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Phone: 270.227.9149

  • My favorite part of helping plan any Disney destination vacation is the little details that make all the difference for my travelers.  I love the conversations that allow me to get to know you and your personal needs, wants and hopes and then setting out to make the most out of your vacation whether it’s your time, special interests or little touches!

  • The one vacation upgrade that is a must have for me is the photo packages.  I’m big into pictures (I mean, like full on get the side eye from my husband for all the pics I take and have taken) and capturing the moments, whether they are the firsts or the 101st , I want to remember it for a lifetime because we don’t get this moment back!

  • Rice Krispy Treats are something I HAVE to have on every Walt Disney World Resort trip!  I know I can make them at home, but for whatever reason, they never taste as good as the ones on Disney property.  The best part, I can stockpile my snack credits and load up before heading home. Here’s a little tip... They travel well and last more than a couple days so I can enjoy a piece of WDW even after I return home!

  • I can total own it. I am a #disneynerd thru and thru. I have about 10 years of working for the Walt Disney Company under my belt. I love traveling and love helping people. Being a travel agent is the perfect storm of these 3 passions.  I had a friend highly encourage me to become a travel agent since I was already helping people plan many trips over the years. I genuinely get as excited about other's vacations, as I do for my own. Like, when I score all of a family's dining & Fastpass wishes, I do a happy dance (for real, there’s photographic proof - see above!!) and try to do it quietly since that usually happens REALLY early mornings when my family is still sleeping!

  • The number of times I visit Disney parks varies by year… but in 12 months, my husband and I made 14 overnight trips.  I never get bored since it’s always evolving and enhancing the experiences so there is always something new to see, do and eat.  I love that it’s an experience we can share year round with each other as middle aged couple, with our parents, our children and now our grandblessings too!  This is why we continue to not just vacation there time after time, but why we are annual passholders too!

  • I am a Disney soundtrack junkie but if I’m being honest, one that gets me EVERY TIME, is Baby Be Mine, from Dumbo.  When I worked in radio, there was a “ The Best of Country Does the Best of Disney” album and it was played during one of our St. Jude Children Research Hospital annual radiothons.  It brings tears to my eyes even thinking about it since I’m so passionate about both Disney and St. Jude.

  • There really isn’t a specific family or individual that I don’t like planning a magical vacation for BUT, I get great joy from planning for first time visitors as well as our military and first responder families.  Growing up as the daughter of a career law enforcement officer, and years spent being a volunteer firefighter with my husband, I completely understand what it means to savoring the time you get together and making the family time moments count. I am so grateful for what our blue line, red line, gold line & military families sacrifice, it’s the least I can do to help them plan an amazing vacation of their dreams, so they can put the stresses of everyday life away and enjoy making memories to cherish for years to come.