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Jennifer Harter

Travel Consultant

Richmond, Virginia

Started with Simply Enchanted Travel, LLC in November 2016

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When I am not planning a Disney Vacation, I am communicating for an all-girls’ school as the Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications, coaching middle school girls’ basketball, running my two daughters around to the various field hockey, lacrosse and dance events and watching my husband coach one of his three sports. I also love to watch Indiana University basketball, Redskins football and Capitals hockey!

If I had to ride one ride at Disney World for an entire day it would be Peoplemover in Magic Kingdom. The sights, sounds and smells are amazing! And it’s such a great way to relax a bit while staying in the heart of the magic.

When I am in the parks, you will always find me wearing my Kate Spade backpack. It is the perfect size to hold all my park essentials including a phone charger, hand sanitizer, park plans and my camera!

My personal touring/planning style is rope dropper! I love to be at the parks when they open to take advantage of the short standby queues — and then let my FastPasses do their job. My husband doesn’t agree with this style and often catches up with us later!

My favorite smell in Disney World is in Big Top Souvenirs in Magic Kingdom. It’s a magical sweet scent that my two daughters recognize immediately as well. I have even purchased candles with this scent!

My favorite souvenir is a magnetic, dated picture frame for my refrigerator. We have collected one from each trip and display them on the side. It’s fun to see how much we have changed and to quickly recall our trips.

My family loves to eat at Sanaa! The bread service can’t be missed. And, order all the sauces! Via Napoli, ‘Ohana and California Grill are close behind.