Angela Bertugli Spece

Travel Consultant
Harrisburg, PA

Started with Simply Enchanted Travel, LLC in December 2015

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My Dream Disney Vacation would be travelling to all of the Disney Parks worldwide in one vacation! I would start with Walt Disney World in Florida, then head to Disneyland in California. From there it's on to Hong Kong Disneyland, Shanghai Disneyland, and Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySEA. Then, last but not least, Disneyland Paris!

My favorite hidden gem at a Disney park is the Thirsty River Bar in Animal Kingdom! Everyone knows about the Dawa Bar in Animal Kingdom, but you’d walk right by the Thirsty River if you didn’t know it was there! Located near Expedition Everest, this small watering hole has a great beer and cocktail selection. My advice on the menu? Try the Pink Lotus with a rum floater!

I'll never be too old for Peter Pan's Flight! This classic Magic Kingdom dark ride takes me right back to my childhood every time! The new interactive queue even makes waiting for this attraction magical!

One snack I MUST have on every trip is Kakigori! This shaved ice treat can be found in Epcot's Japan pavilion! It’s perfect any day, but especially on a warm day! If you’re feeling adventurous, be sure to get it topped with sake! You won’t regret it!

The reason I became a TA is because I LOVE helping clients plan the perfect theme park vacation!! Traveling to theme parks is a lot more complicated than just heading to your local amusement park. With my expertise, I ensure my clients don’t miss a thing and help them tour the parks like Annual Passholders!

My personal touring/ planning style is to be in the parks from rope drop to lights out! Sometimes we’ll take a break to enjoy a few hours in the resort pool. But we love trying to squeeze every moment of park fun out of our vacations!

My Fave Disney Cocktail is the Lapu Lapu! Nothing says vacation like a tropical concoction served in a whole pineapple! You can order it at the Tambu Lounge at the Polynesian Village Resort.

My favorite souvenir is a magnet! My family generally grabs one or two each time we travel to a new (or even well-loved) location! I’m working on filling all of the space on the refrigerator. I love being reminded of vacation memories each time I walk in the kitchen!

If I had to ride one ride over and over it would be the Tomorrowland Peoplemover! This is the best ride to take in the classic atmosphere of the Magic Kingdom! It’s also a great ride for a rest during a busy day or to step out of the rain if necessary.

I never visit WDW without comfortable sneakers, a reuseable water bottle, and a backpack! You do A LOT of walking in Disney parks, so you want to bring shoes that you can wear all day without any problems! Nothing ruins your day like a blisters, so pack accordingly! Most quick service restaurants will either fill up a cup with water for you or have a water dispenser available. Filling up a water bottle keeps the water cool and keeps you hydrated! Finally, a light backpack has been the best way we’ve found to carry around park essentials like your water bottle, ponchos, wallet, and cell phone!