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Allison Eiseman

Travel Consultant

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My dream Disney vacation would be my ultimate bucket list vacation - an Adventures by Disney African Safari!  But close behind is a 2 week Walt Disney World vacation with an unlimited budget - I’d do all the VIP tours and eat at the Victoria and Albert’s chef’s table!

When I am not planning a Disney vacation I am spending time with my husband and our two boys.

My favorite part of helping plan a Walt Disney World vacation is getting families excited and making their vacation magical!  I love when non-Disney lovers turn into Disney maniacs because they had such a wonderful time.

If I had to ride one ride at Walt Disney World for an entire day it would be Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.  That ride is pure joy!

My favorite Disney movie is The Lion King.  But my favorite movie of all time is Jurassic Park.

My Hogwarts House is Hufflepuff.  Don’t you judge me!! Hufflepuffs are loyal, patient, dedicated and fair.  Also the quiz on the official Potter website told me that’s what I am and I’m a rule follower so I have to go with that…because Hufflepuff.  Black and yellow badgers for life.

My favorite smell at Walt Disney World is the smell of the Animal Kingdom Lodge.  Walking into that lobby and smelling whatever that is gets me with all the feels every time.

What is my favorite thing about the Disney Dining Plan?  Not having to worry about what a meal will cost, because it’s already paid for so you don’t have to stress about the extra spending while you’re on vacation.  Without the Dining Plan we check all the prices before ordering and often avoid more expensive restaurants that we’d really like to try. With the Dining Plan?  Steak and lobster please.

The first time I cried happy tears at Walt Disney World was watching the old welcome show at Magic Kingdom with my family.  I was holding my train-loving son when Mickey and the gang pulled up on the Walt Disney World Railroad outside of the gates, and it was truly magical.  I’m not crying…you’re crying!!

If I could have one Disney song be my personal theme song it would be Hakuna Matata.  Because it means no worries for the rest of your days, and that’s something I can really get on board with.  :)